Beginning in 2021, the Infinity Lighting Solutions team is thrilled to announce we have been named the official campus lighting partner of the Lone Star Conference, one of the largest intercollegiate athletic conferences in the NCAA Division II.

Mark Devlin, proud graduate of Southwest Texas State University, an original member of the LSC noted: 

“We are thrilled to bring our state-of-the-art LED lighting technology to the member institutions 

of the Lone Star Conference. We are excited to beautify and brighten the campuses of the Lone 

Star Conference one classroom at a time!”

About Lone Star Conference

The Lone Star Conference is one of the largest intercollegiate athletics conferences in NCAA Division II. With 18 member institutions, the Lone Star Conference is an innovative conference that aims to provide a superior competitive experience for member institutions and to allow for the comprehensive development of student-athletes through academic services and life skills programming.  

This ground-breaking conference was founded on April 15, 1931, with five founding members from Texas-based schools. Since its creation, the Lone Star Conference is now an 18-member league with 13 members in Texas, two in Oklahoma, two in New Mexico, and one in Arkansas. The LSC conducts conference championships in 18 sports, nine men and nine women. 

The team at Infinity Lighting Solutions is thrilled about this new multi-year partnership. We are excited to bring new light to one of the front-running conferences in the NCAA. 

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