Having a stairwell lit 24/7/365 without a motion sensor and LED lighting is a waste of money!

Infinity Lighting Solutions proprietary Linear Luminaire with integrated motion sensor lights stairwells at 20% energy consumption with superior lumen output.

In a building, stairwell lighting is perhaps the most important lighting. Yet the lighting that gets the least attention. For the safety of all tenants and visitors, it is imperative that your stairwell lighting is working properly and meets all codes. Operating 24 hours per day every day, stairwells consume large amounts of electricity while getting very little usage. Infinity Lighting Solutions offers a proprietary 4’ stairwell architectural fixture that reduces lighting energy usage by automatically adjusting light output based on stairwell occupancy. Features 80% occupied/20% unoccupied settings, but can be programmed for desired lighting effect. The diffused lens offers maximum brightness with minimum glare.

Energy savings of over 86% are achieved based on average occupancy of most stairwells. (Operating at the high-end (80%) for 3 hours per day and low end (20%) for the remaining hours.)

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Replaced 2 lamp T8 stairwell fixtures that burned continuously with state of the art linear luminaires with integrated motion sensors. Stairwells that are only used 5% of the day average 9 watts as compared to 72 watts 24/7/365. ⅛ of the wattage and greater lumen output!

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