Local, State, and Federal Programs

Infinity Lighting works with a nationally certified Energy Rating Company, The Green Home Advantage Group, based in Shreveport, LA to identify and implement all types of incentive programs throughout the United States. Additionally, TGHAG verifies savings throughout the use of DOE software to provide to the customer, the most accurate results on energy savings audits.

For more information, visit: The Green Home Advantage.

Commercial LED upgrades justify project with market value increase. Consider both long-term energy and maintenance savings and impact of LED lighting projects on building market value to get a true look at the cost of major upgrades.

All too often, an LED upgrade is seen as an expenditure or a maintenance issue. In fact such a project is a capital improvement that increases the market value of the property. Like with any capital project building.

Property owners should use quality products to insure that they realize the highest return on investment. Cheap products equal poor ROI.


$147,025 in rebates through CenterPoint and Austin Energy.


$65,105 in rebates through CenterPoint and Texas New Mexico Power.